Due Diligence Reports are assessed independently and are recommended for complex cases that require specialised investigations, procedures or data that is not included in other reports.

The due diligence report may include the following:

The relationship check screens a Cypriot company for both local and international relationships with other entities. The shareholders and directors of a company can also be screened in order to retrieve information concerning other company interests in Cyprus and abroad.

We can screen a Cyprus company to obtain historical data including changes in the registered name or address of a company as well as changes in the corporate structure of the company such as change in directors, shareholders or company secretary.

KYC (Know Your Customer) screenings allow you to identify potential business risks and ensure that you meet your obligations concerning the review of potential business cooperations. KYC screenings also allow you to maintain your compliance in line with global legislation and consult a range of global databases which cover Sanctions lists, Enforcement lists and PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) lists.

Negative and local language media checks allow you to screen a company registered in Cyprus for any adverse information that may have been published concerning the subject company. Our researchers utilize specialised subscription databases which hold hundreds of thousands of negative news articles from a range of publications, websites and biographical sources worldwide. Additionally, our researchers screen a company through local internet and media databases to obtain all available published articles in Greek.

Even though a company may be registered in Cyprus, it is important to verify if that company is active and operational from its registered address. The most effective way to do this is to conduct a site check where one of our researchers physically visits the registered address of a company. During this investigation, the researcher utilizes corporate observation techniques to obtain information concerning the business premises, its size and location as well as evidence of company name or logo/branding, visibility of transportation vehicles, logistic operations, production facilities and any proof of employees. As such, a site check offers very reliable information outcomes.

A reputation check for a company registered in Cyprus is an alternative way to understand whether a company will be able to fulfil its obligations to you during your business cooperation. The first phase of the reputation check is to obtain information concerning its related entities, business associates, clients and suppliers. The second phase involves interviews with the identified entities, conducted by one of our expert researchers, in order to obtain information concerning a company’s reputation and trade references within the market.

Prior to a report, our team assesses your information requirements in order to establish what actions are required as part of your due diligence investigation. A member of our research team will be assigned to perform your Due Diligence investigation and will oversee all required activities and then compile the results into one comprehensive report. The same researcher will then review all investigation results to provide you with a concise analysis of the company and our findings.