We have been working in the Cypriot market for over 40 years, providing company structure information, credit information and specialised investigations for a large number of clients in Cyprus and abroad.

Through our years of servicing international clients, we acknowledge that their information requirements are different and understand the problems they face with obtaining information internationally, especially due to differences in regulations, procedures and language.

This was the driving force behind the establishment of a specialised branch of Infocredit Group, which aims to offer international clients the same easy access to information concerning registered companies in Cyprus.

The team at Companies House Cyprus helps to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and geographic limitations that international clients experience when trying to obtain information for registered companies in Cyprus. Furthermore, our experience tells us that navigating the procedures involved in obtaining information, overcoming the language barrier, and putting the information sourced into context, can all cause problems for international clients trying to obtain information for registered companies in Cyprus.

Our extensive resources and longstanding relationships with key personnel at the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver, allow us to obtain company information relevant to each client’s requirements.

If you want to discuss your requirements prior to ordering, or have questions about a report that has been delivered, our dedicated team of customer support agents, researchers and reporters can assist you throughout the entire investigation process.


As part of Infocredit Group, a leading provider of business information in Cyprus with close associations to the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, FEBIS (Federation of Business Information Services) and CSA (Credit Services Association) among others, Companies House Cyprus is in a unique position to offer a high quality service and critical insight on any company registered in Cyprus:

Proprietary information

Besides the official registered data obtained from the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver, Companies House Cyprus capitalises on the private database of Infocredit Group which maintains information not available at the Registrar Department or in any other private database in Cyprus. Infocredit Group’s database allows you to connect subject companies to other companies in Cyprus through directors and shareholders, revealing information concerning shareholding and directorship relationships and associations. Furthermore, through Infocredit Group’s database we can source detrimental company information such as liquidations, bankruptcies and unpaid bills, which is very valuable information for anyone entering into business cooperations with companies registered in Cyprus.

Catering to the needs of international clients

We assist you to overcome the language barriers as well as the bureaucratic procedures in place in order to obtain information on Cyprus companies.

Servicing international clients

The most reliable way to source registered information about a Cypriot company is to conduct a manual search of a company’s physical file, held at the Department of Registrar and Official Receiver. Companies House Cyprus has a team of expert researchers who visit the registry every day and conduct a manual search for each new request, to retrieve all available information for companies registered in Cyprus.

A local team of dedicated researchers

Our experienced team can help you understand the information sourced within the context of your business.

An experienced team

Our team of experts includes customer support agents, researchers and reporters that who have an extensive understanding of local Cypriot laws and regulations as well as the language skills to help you find the information you are looking for and put it into context.