Do you know with certainty how you rate against your competition? Do you know who your clients or suppliers are? Are you familiar with market characteristics affecting your growth strategies?

Our in-depth competitors (peer) analysis reports provide you with a benchmark of your company against your main competitors. Based on empirical data, forecasts are being performed assisting you in making better informed decisions.

Our Competitors (peer) Analysis reports include

  • Executive summary
  • Industry outlook and performance
  • Competitive landscape and financial analysis (top companies, market shares, revenues)
  • Key financial statements (Balance sheet & Profit/loss statement, other important items)
  • Other key statistics (e.g., Altman’s Z score)
  • Operating and Free Cash flow comparisons (add-on)
  • Ratio analysis (profitability, performance, liquidity, financial leverage etc.)
  • Powerful visual content including charts, graphs, tables, etc.
  • Conclusions & key findings

Our reports express an external, objective, and  independent information in regards to the industry/company of interest, its competitors and the overall economic environment in which the company operates. They are prepared by financial analysts with extensive experience in gathering and analyzing empirical data for the purpose of measuring current and future performance. Data gathered are from public sources and in-house database, maximizing reliability and accuracy of the information used.